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Three Practices for Crossing the Difference Divide from a rabbi, and imam, and a preacher.

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There’s a battle going on for America’s soul.

Our ancient traditions remind us that greatness is always bound up in goodness.

But, how will history judge us … as great or as good?

Many of the world’s troubles today emerge out of religious conflicts, and for a lot of people Religion = Dangerous

Amazingly, an unthinkable friendship has emerged in America’s heartland.

Three clergymen—a Rabbi, a Imam, and a preacher—have forged a lasting friendship.

These three men have learned the art of “staying in the room with difference,” the deep connection that comes from “being unusually interested in each other,” and the freedom that comes when I “stop comparing my best with your worst.”

NO JOKE is a documentary film, a book, and a live show featuring an opportunity to meet these three men and to hear their story—a story of genuine friendship that doesn’t require abandoning the unique beliefs they each hold.

They’ll share with you how you can apply these three practices to the polarized relationships in your own life.

In NO JOKE, religion goes good again. It recovers its original purpose as an encourager of peace and an instructor of goodness.

The No Joke Project is Portable

The No Joke Project is a story — really a collection of stories — told in a book, a movie and, from time to time, in No Joke Live! events with the rabbi, the imam, the preacher, and the filmmakers and authors and at 3Practices events.

That makes the No Joke Project portable, whenever you’re ready, wherever you are.

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