Conversing with the Preacher

If Jim Powell, the pastor of Richwoods Christian Church, were not involved, there would not be a NO JOKE SHOW happening this Sunday night, Oct. 30.

Typically evangelicals’ beliefs preclude them from getting too close, not only to Jews and Muslims but the “wrong” kinds of Christians as well.

Jim is different; his faith propels him into that mix. His authentic followership of Jesus “demands” that he connects with the other.

It was his faith that drew him into this unthinkable friendship with Kamil and Daniel. It was his faith that inspired him to reach out to Jim Henderson to see if there was as way to let others know that it’s possible to be a faithful evangelical and connect with others who don’t hold his beliefs.

And it is his faith that motivated him to help organize the “Peace for Peoria” events and now the NO JOKE PREMIERE AND FUNDRAISER. Listen to his conversation with Jim Henderson here.

Get your tickets discounted ticket offer here. (Hurry, this show is almost sold out.)

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