The Project

This model we call The Film.Book.Show is an approach we have developed to address the evolving nature of technology and media and the psychic time (the amount of mental and emotional energy) people have to devote to consuming information.

We have recognized the need for providing multiple points of entry into a story in order to reach more people. Some call it transmedia—storytelling that uses the technique of telling a single story across multiple platforms and formats, while offering different angles and perspectives.

Why do we do a In our minds, the film serves to inform, the book serves to educate, and the show serves to motivate.

We open our show with our documentary film because people are more apt to attend a movie than a lecture. They come to a film expecting to be entertained. If they’re educated along the way, it’s a bonus—it’s what we call “edutainment.”

Books, in whatever form you consume them, are still one of the best ways to convey lots of information in a compact, accessible resource, allowing you to continually refer back to the content for deeper understanding. Telling a story in the written word preserves the experience while equipping the reader for personal application.

Live experiences have a powerful effect on people. Live experiences move us in ways nothing else can. Being in a room and sharing a unique experience with other human beings opens us up to profound and even transformational change.

Combined, these three platforms enable us to reach people where they are and deliver content that can speak to them. We find meaning makers and help them take their message to a broader audience, equipping them for “playing in public.”