The Three Practices

The Three Practices

NO JOKE is a documentary film about a Jewish rabbi, a Muslim imam, and a Born Again Evangelical preacher from the Heartland of America who forged a friendship and, through it, led their individual congregations across the difference divide, and bringing their community together as a whole. It has become a parable—a wisdom story—about bridging the gap between every difference that threatens to divide us: race, politics, gender, education, economics, and a thousand others. It is hard to remember a time when our nation was more in need of this message. 


What began with a film became a movement we call The Three Practices.

The Three Practices are …

1) I will be unusually interested in others;

2) I will stay in the room with difference;

3) I will stop comparing my best with your worst.

The Three Practices are a methodology that helps people empathize without capitulating and offer a kit of powerful tools you can use to raise the level of respect without raising the temperature in the relationship.

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We know from experience that soft things are hard, which is why we developed the Three Practice Group experience.

We have hosted The Three Practice group in multiple settings with various kinds of ideological opponents and discovered that by using effective training techniques, learning how to listen to the other, to understand the other, and to empathize with the other can be learned fairly quickly.

Here are a few training methodologies we offer that address the diversity, inclusion, and belonging challenges organizations are facing today.

No Joke Presents Crossing The Difference Divide

  • A screening of the No Joke Documentary (30 minute version)
  • An interactive session with the producers
  • A live demonstration of The Three Practice Group onstage

The Three Practice Group

A custom designed group experience that addresses the specific differences your organization needs to engage.

How to Start and Lead a Three Practice Group

We work with leaders, managers or supervisors from your organization in a half-day training session that equips them to lead a Three Practice Group and train others in your organization to do the same.

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