Q: Do I have to be religious to appreciate NO JOKE? 

A: We don’t think so. The Rabbi, the Imam, and the Preacher are respectful but clear that they don’t agree on religion. They’re also intensely curious about what people believe, what people don’t believe, and why. This includes their respect for people who think of themselves as Nones or Dones—folks who would check None if they were asked about religious affiliation, and folks who say they are Done with religion.

Q: Is NO JOKE political?

A: No Joke is not political in any overt manner. As with religion, the Peoria 3, the filmmakers, and the book authors are not reliably in agreement about U.S. and international politics. Given the world we actually know, the political questions and implications raised by NO JOKE are, of course, never far from our minds.
*For the record, we were still editing the book and film following the 2016 U.S. presidential election, but no interviews or supporting footage were added after the beginning of October, 2016.

Q: What happens at a NO JOKE Show?

A: Depends…
  • NO JOKE Live! is a screening of the NO JOKE film, followed by a Q&A period with the Rabbi, the Imam, the Preacher, and the Executive Producer.
  • A NO JOKE Alt-Night show includes the NO JOKE movie followed by a Q&A with one of the film producers and one of The Peoria 3 — who gets to say anything he wants about the other two.
  • A NO JOKE Producers Screening starts with the film and concludes with a Q&A with one of the producers.
  • A NO JOKE Three Practices show features clips from film focused on what The Peoria 3 teach us about crossing the difference divides of religion, race, politics, gender … pretty much anywhere people of goodwill disagree. A Three Practices show is typically set in an educational or business environment, and is most often guided by one of the producers.

Q: How long is the NO JOKE film?

A: NO JOKE is a feature-length film — an hour and 26 minutes long — shot in 4K, on Sony cameras with Canon lenses, in June and October, 2016.

 Q: I’d like to bring NO JOKE to my town, or conference, or…. Can I do that?

A: Yes you can! Click here and we’ll get in touch to explore how to make that happen.